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CraKs Anonymous

Latest Message: 2 days, 5 hours ago
  • Scamdog: I like to move it move it
  • Ragna: hiiiiii
  • R4ziel: Sjoe maar dit is wild op die site deesdae hey!!
  • Hades: So titanfall has been cancelled in South Africa???
  • R4ziel: Titanfall Beta signups live : «link»
  • R4ziel: Het jou gemessage
  • Raven: go!
  • Raven: yep sal gou aan sit
  • R4ziel: het jy steam by jou, wil jou gou iets wys sonder om dit op doe site te discuss
  • Raven: Yep
  • R4ziel: Awe Raven, jy hier?
  • Kaotik: or a ursa that ruptures xD
  • Kaotik: imagine a stunning pudge with hook :0
  • Kaotik: omg... dota 2 is going to be a whole lot different... and the new game mode... random ability draft Very Happy (i think u get assigned a random char, then u gotta choose abilities)
  • R4ziel: Going very well thanks Very Happy Glad to see someone actually on here again XD
  • Kaotik: going good and u :P
  • Kaotik: i think im going to play sven again xD he has become even more tank now in new patch (+3 armor) LOL
  • R4ziel: Morning CraKies!! How is everyone doing? Please have a look at the forums and give some suggestions on how to improve the activity on the site!
  • Drag0n45: awe why is is so quiet ?
  • Kaotik: Raz Pm
  • Ragman: weeti
  • Raven: Ag nee man hoekom gaan hier niks aan nie
  • Raven: Bilko jou moer when you comming to ts again>
  • Kaotik: 1st* crak
  • Kaotik: Kaotik crak to shoutbox in 2014 xD
  • Sphinx_ZA: Awe ma se kines
  • Pers: snowflakes are falling on me head Very Happy
  • Hades: I see snow Very Happy
  • LekkerOuJan: R4z and I are pretty fine, at least we think we are. Turns out craploads of beer might be a cure.
  • Hades: I remember, also got that memo, but you see then the entire experiment went south and turned into a distorted reality. Unless ofc, Raz somehow managed to give us some of those sweets he's been keeping aside for some time now.
  • LekkerOuJan: The initial plan was to make those inside think exactly that and see what happens.
  • Hades: The door isn't closed for preventing someone from going out, it is closed to prevent THEM from coming in.
  • LekkerOuJan: You know, maybe we should open the door and let them out, do you think they even know the door doesn't actually lock?
  • R4ziel: Day 25 : "I think Ive lost count of my days, everything seems so the same every day, im not sure if im dreaming or even dead. One thing I do know though is that these two guys next to us are really annoying thinking that they are the only 2 people on this forsaken island"
  • LekkerOuJan: Ever thought that maybe the ones making the noises might be two other people thinking the exact same thing?
  • Hades: Day 23 : "It's only the two of us now, everyone else is dead. I think we are safe for now, but at night we can still hear the noises."
  • Raven: Yep will do when you on ts again
  • Ninja-Otter: can anyone tell me how you embed your battlefield stats when posting or replying in the forums?
  • Thor: Tobias!! stuur vir my as pm met die ts server details (dis ferdi)
  • Kaotik: dankie raz... is ge register
  • R4ziel: sal jou whatsapp K
  • Kaotik: HI can somebody please PM the details to register on dgl page? thanks
  • LekkerOuJan: Still no ADSL. Im gonna be a super noob again when I finally get to play Dota 2 again
  • Hades: hehehe Jan, that is the usually like, just mumbling some random shit
  • LekkerOuJan: Very Happy Hades. Not sure what you are on about. Im stuck without ADSL. running on 240kbps till the line is fixed
  • Hades: Day 9 : "God damn, I am so tired, didn't get much sleep the past two nights. This.... this strange noises jut keep getting worse..."
  • Hades: Day 7 : "I can't shake this feeling that we are not alone. It's like someone, or something is watching us."
  • LekkerOuJan: Day 3, I saw "outside" today. It sucks
  • LekkerOuJan: That trick only works if you have the right heroes against the right heroes and a ton of luck, and even then very rarely
  • LekkerOuJan: Guys who watch tournaments and just want to copy what the see there
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